It’s Not About You

I was at a funeral recently and it was sad. It was sad that my friends husband had died and even sadder that the priest shifted the attention off the man who had died and on to himself.

I have seen this happen on several occasions. The host, celebrant or religious leader turns the spotlight on themselves, their message or their beliefs rather than focussing on the needs of the audience.

A good GREAT host knows that it is not about them. It is ALL about the audience. Be it a conference, funeral, some other ceremony or even a simple networking event, how can you make it about the audience or the other person?

How can you shift the focus to be about them and their needs?

Get out of the road and make the event more memorable for others and you will make a bigger name for yourself than you would turning the spotlight on yourself in the first place.

Plain and simple, it’s not about you!