It’s the Day For It

Forgive me but I am confused. There are just too many “Days” floating around.

This week it has been Pay It Forward Day, Earth Day, Easter Day(s), Anzac Day, and I am sure there have been other days, ribbons to wear, causes to contribute to, and ideas to believe in.


Here is what I long for. A world without “Days”. A world where we care enough about each other, care enough about where we live, care about who we work with, care about those less fortunate and, well, basically just Care.

If we just cared a little more and showed that we care in our actions, if we considered the impact of what we did and who it would affect, I think this world would be a better place to live.

So how will you show you care? It’s the Day for it!


So you didn’t know I could sing?

Come and see my choir sing and have a fabulous afternoon of entertainment.  Sunday 25th May at the Comic’s Lounge, 26 Errol St, North Melbourne. 
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