Get More Sales

There is a very simple formula for sales:
More Connections = More Sales

But this doesn’t mean you have to go out and find a truck load of more connections yourself, sometimes you only need to work with you existing

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What Inspires You?

Inspiration is a critical part of life. It gives us strength, courage, compassion as well as helps us to generate ideas on what to make, what to do, how to behave and who to be in business and in life.

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What Inspires your Booth?

In talking with many exhibitors, one of the things that comes up frequently as an issue is “How should my booth look?”

Now you don’t have to have a person bungy jumping through the floor or hanging from the cross

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Nothing Changes

Have you noticed how if nothing changes, nothing changes?

I know it’s a bit obvious, but sometimes it is up to us to change a situation.

For example, I have been writing a proposal for the last week or so

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Motivating your Team

Sometimes you will find that your team are not as motivated as you would like.  Check the video recorded for Broker TV for some ideas on motivating your team more.

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Can you Believe it?

It is February already – can you believe it?

One month down and 11 to go (that’s 8.3% of the year gone). So are you 8.3% along the path of your goals? Have you met 8.3% of your annual targets?

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Don’t just DO something, Sit there!

It has been a scorcher of a day here in Melbourne. To escape the heat, I thought I would sit outside in my back yard and just enjoy the cool change.

I have been privileged to witness an amazing light

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Get More Success

Everyone loves success.  We continue to strive for it, however you measure it!  The way to continue your success is to make it a habit.  I am of the firm belief that if you make celebrating success a habit, success

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How is your Copy and Pasting?

I see many people who are masters at Cut and Paste. But it is not their documents they are cut and pasting, it is themselves!

  • They read management books and do exactly what they say.
  • They hear jokes and tell

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How is your Awareness?

As you know (or if you didn’t, you do now), I ride a big motorbike. It is a great deal of fun but I am the first to admit that it is not without its dangers! Yesterday, on the way

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Get your Blog Started!

I recently recorded several sessions for Broker News TV, a service for Mortgage Brokers.  While the information was targetted at brokers, it is just as relevant for all business.  Particularly for any one who exhibits.

Having a blog will

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What is your Plan?

It’s a SCORCHER here in Melbourne today. Forecast of 43C (110F) and at 10 am it is already 33C (91F).

Don’t you hate it when things out of your control have a significant impact on your

Just recommended the the …

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It’s the First Day!

For many of us this is the first working day of the new year, of the new decade, of the rest of our life.

Why not set up some great habits today that we can continue with each day?


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