What are you doing for 2010?

2010 is just around the corner. You know it will be here quicker than you expect (look how quick Christmas crept up on us!). So what are you doing for it?

From a Trade Show or Expo sense, what are

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Play with the Dog!

Wifey and I had a delightful extravagant meal of fish and chips on the beach during the week. I am sure you don’t care but I saw something that made me think.

A young woman took her dog to the

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What would Spiderman do?

I was speaking to a group last week about Spiderman. Yes, I know – it is not very “businessy” but it is very relevant.

Spiderman’s uncle told him that “With great power comes great responsibility”.

I believe that the opposite

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Engage or Exit!

So many visitors to a Trade Show or Expo have on their mind “Engage or Exit”.

It’s not a conscious thought, but they know if you don’t pay them attention or at the very least acknowledge their presence, they are

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Gawk, Talk or Walk?

Do you Gawk, Talk or Walk?

More clearly, do you watch things happen, talk about things you will do or actually make things happen?

There is a time for all three of these but most people get stuck in the

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You gotta Stand in the Stand!

One of the things that annoys me, but more importantly, costs exhibitors money, is sitting in your stand.

Let me explain.

If you were an exhibitor at a Trade Show or Expo, you would have paid thousands of dollars for

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Do you Invest Well?

It occurs to me that successful people invest well. They look at all the options available and put their hard earned cash where they will get the best return.

Do you invest well?

Successful people dabble a bit in shares, …

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Trim the Grass or Pull the Weeds?

Sometimes we just need to fine tune our habits and other times remove them completely. Take 2 minutes to find out what I mean.

Lovin’ your work!

Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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Don’t be a Vulture!

I was at an Expo recently and saw some Vultures. I strongly encourage you to NOT be a Trade Show or Expo Vulture. Watch the video and see what I mean!

So what about you? Are you a Vulture? What

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Do You Have Piles?

Are you one of these people with piles?

What I mean is piles of paper on your desk, the window sill, the floor, your secretary’s desk? Maybe you even have them on the bench at home or in your home

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What’s in Your Head?

It seems to me that one of the worst voices we listen to is that one that is in our head. What do you hear when someone gives you feedback?

If someone is giving constructive criticism do you jump to, …

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What is Your Perspective?

Perspective can have such a significant impact on how we see a situation.

I live in Melbourne where we have Trams as a form of public transport. When I am in a tram, I want all the cars and pedestrians …

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