Make No Mistakes

Over the weekend, my lovely wife Sam and I did a bit of handy man work up at our shed.

Sam was operating the drop saw and … well … the picture says it all. Drop Saw 1, Sam 0.

The good news is that it was only a minor incident with a small graze on her hand. As the Black Knight said, “tis but a scratch.”

In a recent episode of the Get More Success show, guests Sonya and Sacha said that they make no mistakes. They are purely learning experiences. When something doesn’t work, they now know what NOT to do so they do something different.

This is what Sam did.

I guarantee she will not put her hand under a rotating blade again. She has learnt how little effort is needed to break the skin. I also know she will be a lot more focussed on where her hands are in relation to all the tools she is using.

What about you?

Whether it is using tools, dealing with your kids or dealing with customers and colleagues in the work place, do you make mistakes or is your experience purely focussed on learning what will move you forward?