No Image Available

img: wikicommons

How was your week? Did you do some amazing things?

I did. I did some cool things with cool people. I went to some amazing places. I even did some simple things as well as some things I didn’t really want to do.

At no stage did I take a photo of any of it.

We seem to have become the more self focussed than ever. It seems that if there is no photo of it, it didn’t happen. But not only a photo of it, but that photo has to be shared on multiple different social media outlets and then we wait and see how many likes we got.

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Now more than ever, we seem to give our power to other people and their opinons. We even go looking for their opinions.

It seems that we have discounted quality in favour of quantity. We want many random strangers to give us approval by clicking a button rather than getting personalised feedback from someone who truly counts in our life.

Maybe it is time we put the phone down, enjoyed the moment for what it is and truly enjoy being there, regardless of who knows we are there or not.

Quite simply, for much of what we do, there should be “No Image Available.”