What a Nightmare!

What a Nightmare

Winston the Wonder Dog

This is Winston.

He is our 15 month old toy poodle. Yes he is very cute. (I like to think he takes after me!)

This morning at 5:30am he was howling like a banshee.

I went to the laundry (where he sleeps) and picked him up. He was shaking. It seems that he had a nightmare and it really distressed him. I held him close, let him know everything was ok and he was safe.

Life is like that.

Sometimes things happen and your situation becomes a nightmare. It could be a work project, it may be a relationship, your health or even your business can become a nightmare. When this happens, it is important that you have someone to support you and let you know you are safe and everything is ok. Then you can start to address the problem and find a solution.

Who will you turn to and who can turn to you?

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