What Do You See?

I was fortunate enough to be hosting an association conference last week. It was held at the Alice Springs Convention Centre.

This image was the view out of the back of the convention centre at 7am. To me, it is simply stunning. It was an awe inspiring location.

During my conversation with other attendees, I realised that not everyone shared that perspective.

  • Some only spend time inside the convention centre networking with other attendees
  • Some felt the night activities outside were too cold
  • Some thought the town centre was empty with many shops for lease
  • Some spend their afternoon on tours on both sides of the McDonald Ranges
  • Some felt that the weather was too good to spend inside
  • Some felt that their travel agent needed a good kick because they bought them tickets to Ayers Rock and NOT Alice Springs (a five hour drive away!)
  • Some felt the countryside so stunning that they spent the two days driving from Adelaide to get there rather than fly
  • Some liked the place but couldn’t wait to get back home.

I am sure you have your own opinions as well.

That is the point. All too often we see something and think that everyone else will see what we see. That is NOT true. Everyone has different filters, different histories, different ideals, different values and this all impacts how they will see things.

So what do YOU see?