Who’s Your Customer?

It can be confusing in business today to truly understand who your customer is:

  • Is it the person buying something from you?
  • Is it the person supplying you something to sell?
  • Is it the person who services what you are selling?
  • Is it your team mates who enable you to service your end customer?

In truth, your customer is all of these people but the key customer or the primary customer who you need to look after is the one you earn your money from.

The person who gives you money needs that little bit extra attention because if they are not happy and go elsewhere, all of your other customers suffer.

The agent managing our rental property has had a few issues of late. Their communication has been poor, they have not acted on instructions, their change over of property managers has had a significant impact and their overall service level has been far below what was promised.

When I raised this situation with the property manager and their direct manager, I received excuses, blame, extended descriptions of what had happened but no apology and no sign of what was to happen next to correct the situation.

As you can imagine, I am less than enamoured with this agent and I will most likely take my business elsewhere. 

No doubt I have contributed to the mistakes and need to shoulder some of the responsibility. Having said that, it is important to note that while the customer is not always right, they are always your customer and should be treated as such.

So who is your customer and what can you do for them today?