What Happens After?

So often we get focussed on the event or the meeting or the conference or the get together, that we forget about what happens after.  On most occasions, the real value is after the event. For some the activities after

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Are You In or Out?

singh is king
Wifey and I had a brilliant trip to India. The worst part of travelling is being treated like a tourist, so it was fabulous to be treated like family during our first week. This was when we attended the wedding

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Did You Read The Signs?

At a recent webinar for Exhibitors, I stressed the point that your signage has to be simple, focussed on the visitor and it has to make it easy to be a customer. Wifey and I saw this sign at an

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Are You Working Right?

I was working with a mentoring client recently and telling her that she needs to do less and less to achieve more and more. Yes, yes… this seems silly at first glance, but it is the secret to success (well

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Are You on Track?

We are now almost 1/6th of the way through the year. It’s less than 10 months until Christmas! Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies.

So are you on track?

No doubt you had goals for the year. If not

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Is Your Body Where It Needs to Be?


The late, great Kevin Merry (my Dad – the one on the right) often said to me, “sometimes your body just has to be there whether you want to go or not.” Usually he was talking about funerals, wedding, celebrations

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How Are Your Reflexes?

Can you twist, turn and flip when you need to?

Last week I was riding my motorbike to a client site for some mentoring (yes my motorbike is my company vehicle! Yay!) On the way two people nearly killed me

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Email Auto Responders

I love email auto responders.

When I am travelling they give me a chance to let clients and prospects know what I am doing and I can set them up so they are almost self service. A few links here

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What is Your Backup Plan?

When everything is going fine, we don’t spend time thinking about what could go wrong. But it is when everything is going fine that you MUST consider what happens if things go wrong?

Yesterday Wifey and I were out for

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Have You Exercised Your Slack Muscle?

Have You Exercised Your Slack Muscle?

Wifey and I are into investment properties. We like them and they work for us.

Late last year a tenant advised us that someone had broken in and done some damage. It turned out

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What About the Little Guys?

In the last couple of weeks I have been on three different airline; Qantas, REX and Jetstar. The service I got varied with each one. More importantly, it varied against my expectation.

The first flight was Qantas. To make things

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Are You Ready?

Get Ready

Based on last week’s Get More Goer, it seems like most of you are back at work this week. This email is probably just one of the many in your inbox – hopefully it is not buried! Some of you

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What’s the Theme?


Happy New Year! 

I hope that this year is full of success, fun and happiness.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? I think New Year’s resolutions are too hard. Too many things to remember, too easy to get side

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