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How Are Your Basics?



On Friday, I visited the Better Homes and Gardens Show with my exhibiting business partner, Danielle Storey to work with one of our exhibiting clients. There were loads of exhibitors all trying their best to get

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Here is Your Present

High Tea

Here Is Your Present

As you know, it was my birthday last week. I had a fabulous three day festival to celebrate including a High Tea which was rather posh! It was also fabulous to hear how people had passed

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Happy Birthday Time

Happy Birthday Time

Birthday Pic

I am having one of my favourite kinds of years. It’s one where I have a birthday.

Some people know that it is my birthday this week on Friday 19th April. It’s not a big one, it’s

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Warts and All

This was not at the conference but you get the idea!

I have spent four days at the National Speakers conference. It’s my professional association so even though I was the Master of Ceremonies at the Gala Dinner and had

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Taking Risks When Exhibiting

Many exhibitors take significant risks when they exhibit. In this short video, I list three thinkgs you need to do to maximise the return on those risks and really make them pay off.

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A New Secret!

People often search for the secret to:
  • Learning new skills
  • Business success
  • Happy marriage
  • Property investing
  • Creating the perfect meal
  • On stage performance, and
  • Many other things.

This is a lesson I got from my Bass teacher Aurora Jane.

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Tips for a Successful Event

I shot a quick video recently on the key tips for a successful event. If you are an Event Planner, Event Professional, PCO (Professional Conference Organiser) or even if you run events in your company, you will find these tips

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Why Are You Paying For It?

Let me pay
Why Are You Paying For It?

Many business run different events. They could be internal team building, internal state of the nation, external marketing events or simply a client get together with some valuable information presented. My question for you

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How Good Is Your Call To Action?

I spoke to a school group this morning. On the way there I saw a delivery van covered with signage on their products. There was lots of colour and pictures but the sign that stood out was words saying 


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Are You Trained?

BriefingAre You Trained?

I spent three days last week locked in a room with other similar minded entrepreneurs. Well maybe not locked but you get what I mean. We were looking at how to transform our businesses and take them

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Want More Sales?

Rego Desk
Want More Sales?
There seems to be so many people out there spruiking the short cuts to more customers and more sales. Let me be honest with you, there is no short cut!

The best way to increase your

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Are You Flexible?

OMG! Can you believe it? I stuffed up. 

I live in Melbourne and didn’t realise that I had scheduled my How to Create and Deliver a Great Introduction webinar smack bang in the middle of Melbourne Cup Day. Naturally I

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