Is That News?

I have given up watching news bulletins (except for the ABC) and I haven’t bought a paper for years. I know for a fact that I am not alone.

Have you seen what they call news? It’s like a compilation of reality TV, who’s famous for being famous and a horror movie, all wrapped up with a cute story at the end about a tap dancing dog and a funny weather person.

I’m sorry but the world is getting stupid. People now doubt scientifict fact and follow Self Help “Messiah’s” looking for answers.

There is a film released in 2006 called Idiocracy about an “average” guy who goes forward in time 500 years and ends up being the smartest person alive. It’s not the best film but it is becoming scarily prophetic.

The Danish diplomat Edmund Bourke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I believe the same can be said for stupidity.

If we hear a falsehood being quoted as fact, why wouldn’t you say something.
If governments are taking action in our name that we know are not based on facts (shark culling, reef dredging and so on) why wouldn’t we at the very least sign a petition to say, “Not in my name.”

I am not attacking any political party and I am not pushing any political agenda. What I am doing is saying, “ENOUGH! I want my brain stimulated and not sedated. I want a world where it is ok to be smart and think for myself.”

What about you?

PS Don’t get me start on the free to air TV “More for You” campaign. Really? More? More predigested rubbish that does nothing for the grey matter but clog it up so Gator Man can use it as bait!

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