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Should I be Committed?

For many years, people have said that I am crazy.  As I found watching Alice in Wonderland recently, all the best people are!  They say that I should be committed, but what they don’t understand is that I already am.  

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I Love You and Hate You!

Technology! How it makes life so much better and brings additional pain we

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Stop Whinging!

I was working at a trade show for three days last week and I was amazed at the high whinging level.  So many exhibitors would drone on:

“Why aren’t there people here yet?”
“Why are there so many people here?” 

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International Virtual Assistants Day


International Virtual Assistants Day 


Congratulations on being part of an amazing, borderless growth industry and thanks for being part of the OIVAC celebration.

As you know, one of the issues with the industry is that of isolation.  So here are …

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I’m Not Listening!

Yesterday Wifey and I went to a family wedding. It was a great time. But families will be families and this family event could not pass without the grapevine passing back some negative message about how I was looking a

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Is it Good or Bad?

So many things happen in our work and personal lives that we label “Good” or “Bad”.  In my experience, it is not what has happened, but how we are feeling that impacts on the label we give it.

There is

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What’s New?

Happy Easter!

I hope you had a fun long weekend – with or without chocolate!!

This time of year is a celebration of new life.  I recommend you do the same. Stay with me, I am not going to be

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Is it Too Hard?

Is it too hard?

We face difficult and challenging situations every day. Whether it is confronting your boss, negotiating a deal, stating an unpopular perspective or making a difficult life choice, we face these situations regularly.

These are tough choices. …

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What does Johnny Cash Know?

This week’s Blog comes from Johnny Cash.

I was listening to his American III album which has covers of other songs and the first song is “Won’t Back Down” written by Tom Petty.  I checked the lyrics and discovered that

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What about Others?

What about others?

It is very easy to get hung up about how things are for you in a situation, but what about others?

Melbourne recently got hit by a hail storm and unfortunately, wifey and I got caught in

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Take it ALL!

Are you one of these people who wear their annual leave entitlement like a badge of honour?

“I’ve got 23 weeks of annual leave owing – I haven’t had a real holiday in FIVE YEARS!!”

Surely you have met people

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What Inspires You?

Inspiration is a critical part of life. It gives us strength, courage, compassion as well as helps us to generate ideas on what to make, what to do, how to behave and who to be in business and in life.

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Can you Believe it?

It is February already – can you believe it?

One month down and 11 to go (that’s 8.3% of the year gone). So are you 8.3% along the path of your goals? Have you met 8.3% of your annual targets?

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Don’t just DO something, Sit there!

It has been a scorcher of a day here in Melbourne. To escape the heat, I thought I would sit outside in my back yard and just enjoy the cool change.

I have been privileged to witness an amazing light

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How is your Copy and Pasting?

I see many people who are masters at Cut and Paste. But it is not their documents they are cut and pasting, it is themselves!

  • They read management books and do exactly what they say.
  • They hear jokes and tell

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