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How Are Your Basics?



On Friday, I visited the Better Homes and Gardens Show with my exhibiting business partner, Danielle Storey to work with one of our exhibiting clients. There were loads of exhibitors all trying their best to get

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Who’s Your Number One Fan?

Number 1
Today’s post is dedicated to Wifey.

She had a big birthday on the weekend (one with a zero in it!) and it made me think about all the raving fans I have but most importantly, my Number One Fan.


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How are Your Questioning Techniques?

Whether you are talking to a prospect, a friend, a client, a stranger or a loved one, the power of a conversation is in your ability to ask the right questions. Too often I observe people asking questions to confirm

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12 Days of Christmas 2012

12 days
Welcome to the Twelve Days for Christmas for 2012.

Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas, maybe you are more a Haj, Chanuka or Bodi day kind of person. It doesn’t matter, this applies to everyone.
Last year I put out the

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Can You Negotiate Successfully?

Negotiation is such a core part of what we do, but I am not a guru on Negotiation. Luckily I have a very good friend that is. I asked her to give me the secrets to mastering negotiation and she

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Are You Treating the Cause or the Symptom?

Too often people treat the Symptoms and not the Root Cause.

A case in point is the current issue with Alan Jones, the Australian shock jock who made some questionable comments about our Prime Minister and her father.
There is

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Are You Adding Value?

Are You Adding Value?

As I type this I am on the lovely Gold Coast of Australia. I am here for a client’s conference and Expo. They have asked me to host the expo floor and work closely with the

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Got Synergy?

John Donne, a 17th century English author famously said, “No man is an island.” Then why do so many of us try and deal with our businesses, our lives and challenging situations on our own?

I have been to several

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How Good Are You?

Ok Tall Poppy Hackers, get your swords ready! It’s time to talk about how good you really are.I think it is sad that the Australian culture is one that really is quite supportive but once you stand out too

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How is your Chinglish?

How is your Chinglish?
I am just off the plane from China. What an amazing place! It was a great conference and I had some fabulous experiences.
One of the things China is famous for is Chinglish. That is, writing

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How Do You Recover?

Customer service is important but don’t forget your service recovery skills either. Research shows that a customer who has a good experience will tell three to five people but a customer who has a bad experience will tell 11 people

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How Is Your Community?

CleftHow Is Your Community?

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central during the week. My grandfather was a Rotarian and I always enjoy being able to contribute to my community.

What about your

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What Does Great Service Cost?

What Does Great Service Cost?
When it comes to Customer Service, I don’t need Outstanding Service, I don’t need Great Service, I would settle for Good service!
As you know from last week, it was my birthday on Thursday (by

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Happy Birthday

I like birthdays. I figure every year that I have one is a good year and to be quite honest, as I get older I feel more comfortable with myself and my life. This week it is my 44th birthday.

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What Did You Give?

Easter Egg
I had Easter lunch with some of my family on Sunday. My niece and nephews were all fired up on chocolate. The question that most people would ask them in relation to the Easter Bunny is “What did you get?”

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